On air debut

I debuted my new looping project live on air just to make sure any disasters would be as embarrassing as possible. It was rushed since I just got back from the UK and was still ironing out details. As it turned out, the worst of it was that the soundguy freaked out because he didn’t know how to turn down his gain.  When he threw up his hands in frustration at the distortion I stumbled for a sec, and apparently he stopped and started the podcast just before that so the recording is missing a chorus.  Nobody but me knew that the intro ran long while I was accepting that I had a bad cable and would only have one in-ear monitor…but in the end the train didn’t wreck and it was a successful test of the system. I likened it to landing an experimental aircraft with 2 engines out…and it proved I can throw all this stuff into a packed control room.  Now I need to work up enough songs with it for a live set.